Tuesday, March 27, 2012

APA Webpage

Dear Bill Mann,
I am writing to express some concern about your note on the APA's webpage explaining why you have removed the link to the APA Governance blog.  Your note states that some members have complained that it "contains inappropriate material."  I'm not sure what "material" some members find inappropriate, but I've expanded the "about" section of the blog to explain why it is appropriate to publicly discuss the public actions and statements of leaders of large organizations. I am concerned that, rather than responding to statements with which they disagree in a forum of their choice or on the APA Governance blog, some APA members prefer to keep other members from knowing about a blog generated by the concerns of several hundred petition signers and members of the organization.  Also, I am concerned that, rather than responding by defending the right of members to criticize improper or "inappropriate" actions by APA officers or by facilitating dialog among opposing perspectives, you have responded by giving in to unwarranted fears or threats about the APA's "liability" for perfectly legitimate political speech.

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